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Designed in Japan


3D multifunctional water-locking 24cm deep pot  24cm x 12.5cm (D)

No need to add water and oil, no sticky bottom,With specially designed lid, Can lock the moisture and nutrition of ingredients, Make delicious food. State-of-the-art casting technology,to play 3D and far-infrared effect elements,Efficient heat transfer and average heating temperature,To achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving. inside is made of 4layer ultra-thin diamond coating,while the outer side is composed of 2 Made of ceramic layer. even friction,Not easy to scratch either. It has a harder surface than the general market kitchen utensils9HRigid design. Japanese design,Made in Korea,It combines the advantages of Japan and South Korea. The pot is lightweight,easy to clean,Stains can be removed by simply wiping with a damp towel. Except microwave,Can be used in various cooking stoves.

HRC 3D Multifunctional 24cm 3D pot

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